‘Ferness’ (Local Hero – the movie)

‘Ferness’ (Local Hero – the movie)

Arguably the best Scottish movie ever made, directed by Bill Forsyth, ‘Local Hero’ tells the story of a USA oil company wanting to buy a small hamlet on the coast to develop as an oil terminal.
Set in the fictitious hamlet of ‘Ferness’ which actually was the village of Pennan on the east coast and the beach of Camusdarach on the west coast as the director could not find a location that met both his needs visually.
So the mythical ‘Ferness’ existed only on screen which is why I attempted, with a bit of artistic license, to create the place we could only see in the movie.

If you look hard enough you will find the famous telephone box.

If you haven’t seen the movie – it’s a gem.

Penan, Aberdeenshire and Camusdarach near Mallaig, the two locations for the movie.

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